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What Do We Offer?

Architectural Design Services

At Jordan Station Design Co., we provide comprehensive architectural design services for the development of residential and commercial properties. We believe in being involved from the early planning stages to the start of construction to ensure successful delivery of the project. Our team includes specialists in architectural design, legal surveys, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, HVAC design, planning applications, and other necessary studies and services. Plus, we offer cutting-edge realistic renderings.

Custom Homes

Custom Homes

We are proud to offer comprehensive and functional custom home designs in any size, style or location to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic desires.

From contemporary to modern to classic farmhouse, we design them all. No matter your budget, we work with you and your contractor to ensure we are designing a custom home specific to your needs and within your financial means. 

Our fees for Custom Homes are based on a fixed-fee approach and are determined based on the size of the home and services required.

Contact us today to set up a consultation or for more details about our services.  

Additions & Reno

Additions & Renovations

So you live in a home that has been in your family for generations, but you're looking to make it your own? We can take your current family home and transform it into your dream home with our team's unique set of skills and architectural vision. 

As part of the initial consultation, we discuss your needs, your options and the steps involved in making your renovation seamless and stress-free. 


We have worked on countless renovations and additions in both rural communities and densely populated urban settings and we take pride in our ability to adapt your vision to fit into your neighborhood. We design projects as minor as removing interior load-bearing walls to removing roofs, adding second floors and changing the entire layout of a home.  

Our designers are seasoned in checking off all of your must-haves and integrating them into a seamless and balanced design to transform your space within your budget. 

Investment Properties

Investment Properties

Over the past three years, we have become one of the most sought-after design firms when it comes to investment properties. We have prepared and obtained building permits for 140+ investment properties ranging from single-family conversions to 10+ unit buildings. Our staff has the experience and the unique ability to envision properties from not only an architectural design perspective but that of an investor mindset as well. This allows you to realize the maximum potential out of your investment. 

Our business principles depend on partnerships with our clients, stakeholders and consultants.  We have fantastic relationships with our partners including investors, real estate agents, property managers and municipality staff alike. We have become known as detailed, efficient, and easy-going individuals. This affords us the ability to quickly navigate all stages of the investment side of the architectural process with ease. We have forged very strong, exclusive relationships with a broad range of investors based on their positive experiences with us and are excited to do the same with you and your team!



Not only are we recognized for our exceptional residential development work, but we also possess extensive experience in commercial/retail design, mixed-use projects, small-scale residential development, and condo developments. Although these projects typically require a larger scale of operations, we take on a limited number at a time to ensure that our projects receive the attention to detail that they deserve. If you're interested in learning more about our portfolio and how we can help bring your project to life, please don't hesitate to contact us

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