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  • What do you specialize in?
    Listening! We want to hear your ideas, help you express them and help navigate you through the process. First and foremost, we are your partner. But more technically speaking, we specialize in Custom Homes, Renovations and maximizing Investment Property potential. We also do some limited commercial work when timing permits.
  • Do you have a particular style or aesthetic that you stick with?
    No. We think everyone lives and appreciates things differently. We are well versed in a number of design aesthetics and are always open to your ideas. We will help carve out your ideas when it comes to style and functionality. Maybe you aren't sure? That's ok too. We can help!
  • Who do you usually work with?
    We work with homeowners, builders, investors, interior designers and anyone else with a healthy curiousity for good design.
  • What is included?
    Whatever you want, whatever you need. We are custom and with that comes custom-built proposals. We can include or exclude any service that is required for your project. Dont know what you need? We can help with that too!
  • What do I need to get started?
    As little as an idea. We can help shape that idea into a reality. If you want to be extra prepared you can always look at capturing inspiring images, sourcing a survey, talking to the city about your specific zoning, having your septic inspected. All of these things help expedite the process.
  • Will you work with other engineers, interior designers, etc...?
    Absolutely, we are open to work with anyone. If they are someone you know and trust, we are happy to meet them and discuss further.
  • What is permitted on my property?
    We try to assess what is permitted at the proposal phase of the project. Having a feel for what is permitted in your zone within your municipality takes some research. If you are curious about this you can always check directly with your local planning department.
  • When do I need a permit?
    Whenever you are planning a construction project, this is a great question to ask yourself (or someone else). If you are updating finishes, replacing windows with the same size ones, etc... a permit is not required. When you are looking at moving walls, enlarging openings, and more invasive renovations, a permit will be required. If you are ever questioning this, call your local building department to enquire.
  • Can I measure my own property to save some time and money?
    This usually doesn't work. We look for specific items that you may not think of when you are measuring and would require us to visit your property anyway. It usually benefits everyone for us to handle the measurements.
  • What if I need a Variance?
    Due to timelines, sensitivity and complexity, we generally look to engage our planning partners when a Minor Variance is required. This will add multiple months onto your design timeline and is a public process in all municipalities. Variances could take as little as 4 months or as much as a year for review. There is also no guarantee that your application will be approved. We do our best to engage with planning partners that know your municipality to make sure we can approach the city planning department and discuss your application. Your best approach is to get the Municipality on your side when it comes to your application.
  • What area do you serve?
    We are licensed to work anywhere in Ontario. We have also worked outside the province in certain cases. If you have something in mind outside of Ontario, let us know as we may be able to help.
  • Do you offer stock plans?
    No. We are custom inside and out. We offer custom design solutions for all types of projects.
  • Do you offer interior design services?
    We do this in a limited capacity. Our focus is mainly on architectural design and space planning. We partner with a number of different designers that could suit your style and are happy to give you some leads to follow up with.
  • How many revisions do I get to my design?
    We try not to limit (or count) the number of revisions to your designs. We feel that you should have the space you have been dreaming of, and we will do whatever it takes to get you there. We aim to complete any revisions in the concept design phase to limit complicated issues in the following phases. If we think that concept is taking longer than it should, we will give you fair warning but this doesn't happen very often.
  • Do I get realistic renderings with my design?
    We offer this as a value-added service and it is optional. We always work in 3D and provide a model to explore options for look and feel, but this is not realistic. For realistic renderings there is significantly higher level of effort required to get everything right.
  • Do you offer services during construction?
    Generally, we do not but are available to answer any questions that arise. In certain cases we must provide 'general review' of construction projects but this only happens for larger, more complicated projects
  • Are you a BCIN designer?
    Not anymore. We now hold a limited license with the Ontario Association of Architects that allows us to practice architecture with specific terms, conditions and limitations. These limits exceed the limitations of BCIN designer in size and area. We are not architects, though we have been trained by them extensively.
  • Are you limited to the size you can design to?
    We are able to design residential structures up to 4 storeys in height and up to 600 square meters (6400sqft). In the case of residential units, we can increase this area using firewalls. For commercial work, we are able to design spaces up to 600 square meters (6400 square feet) over a single storey and restaurants up to 100 seats.
  • What drawing software do you use?
    Autodesk Revit! This the premier software for architectural design. We create models based on real life conditions to make sure everything works. We walk through our models and drawings with our clients to review and revise on-the-fly if it is needed. We sometimes model revisions on the spot to explore options in real time. This saves much back and forth.
  • What rendering software do you use?
    Lumion. By far the best option we have come by, and we have used a lot of different rendering software. We can produce still photos, videos and even Virtual Reality panoramic images.
  • What is Tarion? Do I need it?
    Tarion is a new home warranty program that is required for new homes in Ontario. In most cases, if a builder is constructing a new home to be sold to someone, it is required. There are a number of criteria that apply. If you have questions we suggest you reach out to Tarion or a real estate lawyer directly.
  • Will my existing septic need to be upgraded?
    This depends on age of the system and the number of fixtures that you plan add to the building. We recommend checking with the region and having an inspection completed during the initial stages. We work with various designers and can have your system assessed by them to determine if an upgrade is required.
  • Will we need a structural engineer?
    There are a number of factors that we can identify in the design development stage that will determine if an engineer is required.
  • What do I need for a building permit submission?
    This depends on the municipality. Generally, every project of any size will need architectural drawings, HVAC design and usually truss and joist drawings. We are seeing much more demand for up-to-date legal surveys and grading and drainage drawings for additions. These are always required for new builds. Depending on complexity, a structural engineer may be required also. When this comes up, we will let you know.
  • Are truss and joist drawings required for building permit?
    They are required for most municipalities. We help coordinate these drawings and source suppliers for you or your builder to work with. Allow for 2 months for truss drawings after our drawings are complete (deposits for engineering required to supplier). We include this coordination and review as a courtesy. Sometimes our clients elect to do this themselves.
  • How soon can I have drawings?
    As soon as they are done! Drawing delivery depends on many factors and depending on scale and size of your project, we can formulate a plan. It will be dependent on us hitting our targets, our partners delivering their portion and the speed at which you are able to make decisions. Sometimes drawings take months to be approved at the concept stage. Every decision influences the overall timeline.
  • Do you offer an 'express' package?
    We do our best to align ourselves with closing dates for our investment clients. For larger projects, such as additions and new homes, our schedule will be discussed at the proposal stage. There is a high demand for our services presently, so the wait time to get started can vary.
  • I put an offer in on a house, can I apply for a building permit before I own the property?
    We find it best to wait until you have ownership of the property. This makes the process more straightforward and faster in the long run.
  • How long will it take to get a permit?
    In most cases, about 20 business days from application. The design takes much longer than that in most cases.
  • How much do plans cost?
    This depends on the size, scale and scope of your project. We price each job based on the scope - not the area you are building. Contact us to discuss in more detail.
  • How much will it cost to build a home?
    Building a home has such a large pendulum when it comes to costs. This comes down to location, size, finish quality and so many other factors. Our recommendation is to try to engage a builder as early in the process as possible to keep an eye on costs.
  • How does billing work?
    We bill based on milestones. Depending on the phases of your project, we generally bill 60% at concept completion and the balance before permit application.
  • Application fees?
    There is no short answer to this. Every municipality differs in what they charge and how they charge. There are application fees for everything that gets submitted. Variance Fees, Zoning Verification fees, Septic inspection fees, Demolition application fees, Building Permit fees, Regional and Municipal Development charges (when adding new dwellings), Construction Deposits, Grading Deposits. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list but these are meant to show the most common ones we see.
  • How can I pay?
    Payment can be made via cash, cheque or e-transfer to: (If e-transfer limits are prohibitive, we're happy to accept installment payments). We can also take credit card payments over the phone, but an additional 3% fee applies to cover the processing cost. If you have any questions about payment, feel free to shoot Jen and email at

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