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Basic Design Service

Starting price
$2,500 +HST

This service is ideal for the budget-conscious client willing to put in a little bit of leg work or who can rely on their general contractor to help iron out the small details of the project. We provide all required drawings for the building permit application, without the frills!

Starting price
$7,500 +HST

Standard Design Service

This service is ideal for those who are looking for a full-service architectural firm to handle all aspects of their project. We will coordinate everything from the initial design through the permitting process and will provide a complete, detailed design package for your project.

*Not including sub-consultant fees

Copy of Front Rendering.jpg

Starting price
$12,500 +HST

Premium Design Service

This service is ideal for those who are looking for top-of-the-line design services and who are looking for a well-rounded design that has taken all aspects of the process into consideration. This service provides the ultimate communication between all parties involved.

*Not including sub-consultant fees

Services Provided

  • All services from the Basic Design Service as well as;

  • Full zoning review,

  • Variance coordination (if required),

  • Survey (if required)

  • NPCA / NEC / HCA application coordination (if required),

  • Multiple cross-sections,

  • Non-typical details,

  • Coordination of Architectural Drawings with all sub-consultants and their drawings;

  • Septic Design (if required),

  • Arborist Reports,

  • Archeological Surveys,

  • HVAC Design (forced air, hydronic loop design, etc.),

  • Truss & floor joist engineering coordination,

  • Structural Engineering coordination,

  • Building permit application,

  • Coordination with your contractor of choice (we can recommend some as well!).

  • As-constructed plans of your current home (if required),

  • Site Plan,

  • Floor Plans,

  • Roof Plan,

  • Building Elevations,

  • Cross Section,

  • Standard details.

  • All services from the Standard Design Service as well as;

  • Sun Study,

  • Realistic Renderings (3 to 4 still images),

  • Coordination with your interior designer (if required)

  • Exterior material selection,

  • Lighting & power layouts, 

  • Services During Construction:

  • Work directly with your builder to provide suggestions and direction regarding questions that may come up during the process.

  • Site review during construction at 4 key milestones: Framing completion, Exterior mockup, Interior drywall completion, and pre-occupancy.

  • A field Review Report including photos from the site will be provided.

Still, have questions about what plan is best for you?

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